Connecting New Zealand

by Kirstin Duffield, treemad at btinternet dot com

I have been researching Clutterbucks for nearly 15 years now, I have collected a database of over 7000 people, 1800 marriages and covering 11 generations. The sources range from the traditional sources such as the IGI to my permanent subscription to deluxe membership combined with valuable contributions from other researchers, passenger lists, obituaries, local paper archives, family bibles, photographs and family tales. Looking through the obvious for logical behaviour, cross references, from multiple sources and just plain old common sense has helped me to help loads of Clutterbucks who are interested in their family history. Added to this of course the privilege of the kind gift I received a couple of years ago of my own personal copy of “An Account of the principal branches of the Family of Clutterbuck”, Witchell and Hudleston – my eternal thanks to Mr Jones Who’s aunt married a Clutterbuck, the son of Henrietta Louisa Clutterbuck and Archie Kirkman Lloyd.

So when I was approached by Sonja from Australia who had the mystery of William Clutterbuck apparently born in 1832 in Hull (as it stated on his marriage certificate) who married Lydia Baker in January 1859 in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Sonja was a descendant of their first surviving daughter Lydia Clutterbuck who travelled with her parents to New Zealand in the early 1860s first to Dunedin then later to Nelson.

Independently I have known Ian Clutterbuck who lives in New Zealand and he in turn knows Jenifer who is descendent of the second surviving daughter of William and Lydia, Frances who married Thomas Barnett.

But the two families had apparently lost touch and the living relatives appeared to have no knowledge of each other.

I started with the marriage certificate, William Clutterbuck aged 27 born in Hull son of Joseph and Frances nee Drew and Lydia Baker aged 24 born in Collumpton, Devon. But as far as I could see from every combination of search I could manage there was no possibility of William from Hull 1832 – not that was absent from England by the 1861 census as he was in Australia by then. I did find Lydia living with her parents in Collumpton, that was easy.

So I continued to look for William b1831/2 and his parents Joseph and Frances in any 1841 or 1851 census but to no avail. In the meantime I collected the information from Sonja (Including a family photograph) and Jenifer (through Ian) and collated what I could from the birth cert of Lydia, the death cert of William and Lydia’s first daughter Mary Ann and the birth cert of their son William jnr. I know from Ian that their second daughter Frances was born in New Zealand in 1862, and as William their son was born Dec 1861, we only had a small window to look at movements between Australia and New Zealand. I found a William Clutterbuck on the voting registers of Dunedin in April 1862, so the window was even shorter. But passenger lists between Australia and New Zealand are not as comprehensive as those from England to down under.

Figure 1 Family of Lydia Clutterbuck b1860 and William Lester and 12 children
But in my searches of passenger lists I did find a 21 year old Lydia Baker sailing from Plymouth to Geelong in 1857 on the Thomas Arbuthnot, but no sign of William so far. Looking further ahead I found a listing page from the local Nelson, NZ paper of the 1860’s which not only listed other children of William and Lydia but also Williams own demise on 2nd August 1875. In total William and Lydia had 7 children but definitely lost four of those in childhood. So far it is only the line of Lydia b1860 and Frances b1862 that we have connected up, what happened to William is still unknown although he is suspected to have also died young. What the obituary entry did introduce was that William snr was in fact William Blacksely Clutterbuck, the first time the middle name had been seen. He was known to be the only 40 something aged William in Nelson and married to Lydia, there was no confusion on who he was, but what it did mean was there was for the first time a secure connection to The Book, because on page 125 there in black and while was William Blakesley son of Joseph Clutterbuck and Frances. The IGI confirmed a marriage between Joseph and Frances in 1825 in Stonehouse, Gloucs. Added to this Sonja confirmed the Blacksley name came from Frances Drew’s mother’s maiden name so again another firm connection. The names are rare anyway, and the Drew name was not native to Gloucestershire except one line from which Frances Descends.

Although the spelling of Blakesley sees a couple of variants: Blakesely, Blacksley, Blackesly, the name is unique in the Clutterbuck line and it now firmly connects the New Zealand Li from William and Lydia to the Clutterbucks of Stroud. Within that group was Joseph Clutterbuck b1788 Rodborough (m Sarah Roberts 1817) the Civil Engineer, his son John William Clutterbuck the Wool Merchant, Captain Henry Clutterbuck of the Royal Lancaster Regiment b 1874 killed at Mons in France 1914 of whom the Times Paper wrote a spectacular epitaph on September 8th George William Clutterbuck b1858 the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary and author of In India/Bombay the Beautiful and his three achieving children: George William b1882 who appointed the chief assistant to the Clerk of the London Committee during the formation of the National Insurance Scheme, Sgnt Albert Ernest Clutterbuck b1883 of the 10th Middlesex Regiment and Millie Gertrude b1891 won 1st prize in Advanced English at Royal Society of Arts, and worked for the Air Ministry.

Figure 2 Joseph Clutterbuck b1788

Figure 3 John William Clutterbuck b1833

For more information on this and all other Clutterbuck Lines please email me direct:

James Clutterbuck & Martha Judson

James Clutterbuck was born in Northwood, Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire, England on 24 August 1856 to William (18.03-1820 – 30.08.1905) and Caroline Clutterbuck (nee Baldwin) (01.04.1820 – 13.05.1845) being Cousins they married on 06.05.1845. William like his father before him was the local Blacksmith and the young James took up the same occupation as his assistant.

James's grandparents were William (23.04.1785 – 17.02.1854) and Sarah Clutterbuck (nee Baldwin (1796 – 24.01.1883) being married on 25.08.1815.

James came from a very large family including 3 brothers and 7 sisters Olivera, Jane, William, Emma (died aged 4 years), Henry, Rhoda, James, Caroline, John, Emma (2 x) and Maria.

Hearing from recruitment agent George Holloway about the wonderful life that New Zealand could offer, James left England on 10 August 1878 on the sailing/steam ship Hydaspes bound for Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch, New Zealand leaving his old life for good.

On 9th November 1878 James arrived at Lyttelton Harbour Christchurch New Zealand. He shortly after went to Stonyhurst a North Canterbury Sheep farm where he served as an assistant blacksmith / wheelwright.

By late 1880 James got restless again and moved back towards Christchurch again. Stopping at Woodend, he worked for the Judson family as their blacksmith and while there met one of their daughters a Martha Maria Judson (born 07.01.1862) one of the first white women born in the Woodend North Canterbury district, who at that time was a midwife and continued on this service for the rest of her life. James and Martha were married at Woodend on 15 November 1881 and moved out to Oxford where James had bought some land and ran a blacksmith shop. Here their first child was born a girl Daisy (19 August 1882 – 1882 – died under one year old).

Due to a fire at his property in Oxford James moved to Sydenham, Christchurch, where they had children, William George 03 August 1883 – 1883 (died under 1 year old), Ethel Sybil (6th August 1884) in Sydenham Herbert Walter Osborne (30 January 1887 in Kaiapoi, Christchurch) and George Arnold (17 March 1889 in Sydenham, Christchurch)

James became discontent in New Zealand and moved his family to Melbourne Australia where on 12 February 1892 at Footscray, Bourke, Victoria Australia, William James was born before James moved the family again back to Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand. There they had Charles John (13 March 1894), Daisy May (20 May 1896), Clifford Judson (26 August 1898) and Bruce Baldwin (31 August 1900). Then the family moved to Johnsonville, Wellington where they had their last 3 children, Donald Victor (17 January 1903 – 1903), Victor Douglas (12 September 1904 in Johnsonville) and finally Francis Henry (22 September 1906 at Beach street Petone).

Once again James moved again this time for the final time to Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand. James had a hard life having to go bankrupt twice, once in Oxford North Canterbury (5th January 1882) and again in Wellington (Johnsonville 2nd February 1905). James was a hard man who brought his family up tough and took no nonsense from them where his wife Martha was most of the time the opposite, she evidently loved children and as a mid – wife was responsible for bringing a lot of her grand children into the world.

James died on 29 March 1929 and was buried in Christchurch; Martha outlived James by over 10 years, died on 15 November 1940 and was buried with her husband.

Clutterbuck Arrives in New Zealand

Click on the map, once, then again to enlarge. This is what the red dots indicate on this map:

1: Top of the South Island (heading Nelson 1860 (or thereabouts) the first possible wedding of William Clutterbuck and Lydia Collins. October 4th 1882 2nd marriage in Nelson of Frances Clutterbuck daughter of William and Lydia Clutterbuck.

2: Christchurch arrival of James, Enoch and Fanny Clutterbuck with their family on November 19, 1878. In Nov/Dec William Frederick arrived on the Lady Jocelyn 1879 (Rose'sgrandfather and Enoch's oldest son). James Clutterbuck married Martha Judson on November 15, 1881. These photographs show them later in life.

3: Birth of Frances Clutterbuck daughter of William and Lydia Clutterbuck June 12, 1862 on the Tiree river Dunedin.

4: Arrival of Enoch and Fanny Clutterbuck at "Riversdale" Southland, with family, in 1882-1883. This photo of Fanny and Enoch was taken years later.

1st Family Get-together in Christchurch

The reunion or get-together that we had today was designed as a chit chat low key social day including a picnic for those who came to get to know each other more and to get more data on the family to write a book on the Clutterbuck family of New Zealand. So far we have discovered 3 – 4 distinctive branches of the Clutterbuck family that possibly have their roots back to 1515.

Information displays were presented by family groups showing some information on their family tree (as shown in the picture below). All in all 3 independent groups were present on the day showing and sharing their information; it was also an excellent chance to sound each other out for advice on researching their own individual tree roots. Rose Bray is shown here, along with some of the neices and nephews and children of Ian Clutterbuck, of Christchurch.

At our get-together was a 110-page spread sheet showing how 2 family groups linked together back to 1515 (Thomas Clotterbooke) on the spreadsheet was listed over 800 individual names that covered over 17 generations of which about 300 – 400 people are still alive (sorry no one got a photo of the spreadsheet this time but we will next time). Also we announced the Clutterbuck web sites, 2015 global family reunion and the new book on the Clutterbuck family in which we as a combined family here in New Zealand will write the New Zealand section of this project and not rely on one author.

Victor Paul, a genealogist well-regarded on the RootsWeb, traces his Clutterbuck lineage to James Clutterbuck, who migrated to Christchurch, NZ in 1878 from the hamlet of Northwood Green in the parish of Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England. He's here at the family gathering sharing stories with relatives in Christchurch. Victor, that is, not James.