1st Family Get-together in Christchurch

The reunion or get-together that we had today was designed as a chit chat low key social day including a picnic for those who came to get to know each other more and to get more data on the family to write a book on the Clutterbuck family of New Zealand. So far we have discovered 3 – 4 distinctive branches of the Clutterbuck family that possibly have their roots back to 1515.

Information displays were presented by family groups showing some information on their family tree (as shown in the picture below). All in all 3 independent groups were present on the day showing and sharing their information; it was also an excellent chance to sound each other out for advice on researching their own individual tree roots. Rose Bray is shown here, along with some of the neices and nephews and children of Ian Clutterbuck, of Christchurch.

At our get-together was a 110-page spread sheet showing how 2 family groups linked together back to 1515 (Thomas Clotterbooke) on the spreadsheet was listed over 800 individual names that covered over 17 generations of which about 300 – 400 people are still alive (sorry no one got a photo of the spreadsheet this time but we will next time). Also we announced the Clutterbuck web sites, 2015 global family reunion and the new book on the Clutterbuck family in which we as a combined family here in New Zealand will write the New Zealand section of this project and not rely on one author.

Victor Paul, a genealogist well-regarded on the RootsWeb, traces his Clutterbuck lineage to James Clutterbuck, who migrated to Christchurch, NZ in 1878 from the hamlet of Northwood Green in the parish of Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, England. He's here at the family gathering sharing stories with relatives in Christchurch. Victor, that is, not James.


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