Clutterbuck Arrives in New Zealand

Click on the map, once, then again to enlarge. This is what the red dots indicate on this map:

1: Top of the South Island (heading Nelson 1860 (or thereabouts) the first possible wedding of William Clutterbuck and Lydia Collins. October 4th 1882 2nd marriage in Nelson of Frances Clutterbuck daughter of William and Lydia Clutterbuck.

2: Christchurch arrival of James, Enoch and Fanny Clutterbuck with their family on November 19, 1878. In Nov/Dec William Frederick arrived on the Lady Jocelyn 1879 (Rose'sgrandfather and Enoch's oldest son). James Clutterbuck married Martha Judson on November 15, 1881. These photographs show them later in life.

3: Birth of Frances Clutterbuck daughter of William and Lydia Clutterbuck June 12, 1862 on the Tiree river Dunedin.

4: Arrival of Enoch and Fanny Clutterbuck at "Riversdale" Southland, with family, in 1882-1883. This photo of Fanny and Enoch was taken years later.