James Clutterbuck & Martha Judson

James Clutterbuck was born in Northwood, Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire, England on 24 August 1856 to William (18.03-1820 – 30.08.1905) and Caroline Clutterbuck (nee Baldwin) (01.04.1820 – 13.05.1845) being Cousins they married on 06.05.1845. William like his father before him was the local Blacksmith and the young James took up the same occupation as his assistant.

James's grandparents were William (23.04.1785 – 17.02.1854) and Sarah Clutterbuck (nee Baldwin (1796 – 24.01.1883) being married on 25.08.1815.

James came from a very large family including 3 brothers and 7 sisters Olivera, Jane, William, Emma (died aged 4 years), Henry, Rhoda, James, Caroline, John, Emma (2 x) and Maria.

Hearing from recruitment agent George Holloway about the wonderful life that New Zealand could offer, James left England on 10 August 1878 on the sailing/steam ship Hydaspes bound for Lyttelton Harbour, Christchurch, New Zealand leaving his old life for good.

On 9th November 1878 James arrived at Lyttelton Harbour Christchurch New Zealand. He shortly after went to Stonyhurst a North Canterbury Sheep farm where he served as an assistant blacksmith / wheelwright.

By late 1880 James got restless again and moved back towards Christchurch again. Stopping at Woodend, he worked for the Judson family as their blacksmith and while there met one of their daughters a Martha Maria Judson (born 07.01.1862) one of the first white women born in the Woodend North Canterbury district, who at that time was a midwife and continued on this service for the rest of her life. James and Martha were married at Woodend on 15 November 1881 and moved out to Oxford where James had bought some land and ran a blacksmith shop. Here their first child was born a girl Daisy (19 August 1882 – 1882 – died under one year old).

Due to a fire at his property in Oxford James moved to Sydenham, Christchurch, where they had children, William George 03 August 1883 – 1883 (died under 1 year old), Ethel Sybil (6th August 1884) in Sydenham Herbert Walter Osborne (30 January 1887 in Kaiapoi, Christchurch) and George Arnold (17 March 1889 in Sydenham, Christchurch)

James became discontent in New Zealand and moved his family to Melbourne Australia where on 12 February 1892 at Footscray, Bourke, Victoria Australia, William James was born before James moved the family again back to Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand. There they had Charles John (13 March 1894), Daisy May (20 May 1896), Clifford Judson (26 August 1898) and Bruce Baldwin (31 August 1900). Then the family moved to Johnsonville, Wellington where they had their last 3 children, Donald Victor (17 January 1903 – 1903), Victor Douglas (12 September 1904 in Johnsonville) and finally Francis Henry (22 September 1906 at Beach street Petone).

Once again James moved again this time for the final time to Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand. James had a hard life having to go bankrupt twice, once in Oxford North Canterbury (5th January 1882) and again in Wellington (Johnsonville 2nd February 1905). James was a hard man who brought his family up tough and took no nonsense from them where his wife Martha was most of the time the opposite, she evidently loved children and as a mid – wife was responsible for bringing a lot of her grand children into the world.

James died on 29 March 1929 and was buried in Christchurch; Martha outlived James by over 10 years, died on 15 November 1940 and was buried with her husband.


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Linda said...

Hi Ian
uck. Married Robert carter
I have Clutterbuck ancestors from Gloucestershire. Lydia Clutterbuck b. 23rd Dec 1781 Eastington. Married Robert Carter 9th Aug 1807, Eastington. Gloucestershire.
My e-mail to you has bounced back. Can you e-mail me please.

At 6:32 AM, Blogger AlekseyFyodorovichKaramazov said...

James and Martha's son Clifford Judson Clutterbuck was my grandfather, through his son Tony Clifford Clutterbuck. Tony changed his surname to Judson in 1989.

Tony Clifford (b 13 October 1939) and Ruth Elizabeth Clutterbuck (b 28 January 1939, nee Miller) were married 31 January 1959 and had four children: Mark Hamish Tony (b 2 November 1959), Vaughan William (b 4 January 1964), Paul Jeremy (b 23 April 1973) and Amy Elizabeth (b 6 June 1975). Tony and Ruth were divorced in 1991.

Mark has a son, Will Tobias (b 24 July 1987) by Anne-Marie Wijnveld, and a daughter, Stevie Jane (b 5 February 1993) by Sharlene Maree Clutterbuck (b 11 August 1960). Mark and Sharlene were married 22 September 1990.

Amy married Paul Duder (b 26? October 1968) on 4 September 2004, and had a daughter, Amelia Jane Mary Elizabeth Duder (b 6 February 2005). Paul and Amy Duder were divorced in 2007.

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Amybeth Duder said...

Please remove immediately the above comment about Amy, Paul & Amelia Duder. The person who posted comments did not have my written consent to post about my family's personal details. The details are also incorrect. If not removed immediately I will be seeking legal advice and taking action. Amy Duder

At 5:56 AM, Blogger Amybeth Duder said...

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